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About Us

Our goal is to make it incredibly quick and easy to check the Companies House information regarding a company and its directors.  

Why do people use

1. Due diligence - To check the historical, financial, director, company names and registered address details for a company they are about to trade with. 

2. You are already a customer of the company and want more information about the company before you make contact;

3. You work for the company you have searched for and want to check that the Companies House data is up to date.

4. You are a professional advisor (lawyer/accountant) and are gathering information on legal entities and people to inform your advice.

5. Competitor Research - knowing your competition is something we all do and we hope to make that job even easier for you. 

The information on our website is taken straight from Companies House and we have presented it in an easy to use form and will be developing new features for you over time which will make it easier and quicker to find what you are look